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"This is the first day of the rest of my life. Thanks to Deborah, I am no longer tired every night and have a headache every morning. My exhaustion has turned into energy that gives me strength for my dreams. Before starting this program, I didn't think I deserved much of what I'm looking for in life. Deborah has given me a magic wand and fairy dust. I needed this to get out of my rut. Otherwise I would've never come out of my comfort zone. I feel more connected to my body, mind and spirit. This allows me to be a better friend and mother and daughter and sister. PRICELESS! I've been liberated by the Optimal leap program. Deborah has helped me to see the environment I was in caused by my own thoughts and actions. Once I saw my situation clearly, I put the pedal to the metal to get the heck out of there. I can only hope that others will learn how to live who have been not living or at least not in the game. I realize now that I did not have a time management problem - I had a life management problem. There is no book or class that can change my thoughts. I learned all of this from Deborah who went through it herself."

C. Dawson - Program Manager, Minnesota

"After a successful career I had been unemployed for 8 months and was very frustrated at the lack of progress I was making in my career search. I had a financial cushion I was eating into but more worrisome was that I was also beginning to have strains in the relationships with my wife and daughters and I began questioning my capabilities as well. LEAP allowed me to tackle my approach to the job search and made my approach more methodical and professional. I also realized that I needed to do a better job of setting my personal priorities and saying NO in my family environment as well, one of the weaknesses that was identified in my sessions. I have now found full time employment and realize that the best days of my personal and professional life are yet to come. I am more confident and know that I have the tools to overcome the obstacles I faced in 2017. LEAP can be a great experience for anyone who is currently going through personal or professional challenges or who just feels that they are stuck in a routine and can't clearly see where they will be long term. LEAP helps you to set short term and long term goals in your personal and professional life and address challenges as they appear. And LEAP is all about moving forward with your life." 

J. Lerma - Channel Account Manager, Florida




"Deborah Brown is highly effective, yet relaxed in her approach. She guided me to look deep into my soul and ask the right questions. Deborah encouraged me to change my story, and do it with a sense of urgency. As she once reminded me, “You have big plans. Don’t keep the other things in your life small.” If you are looking for a coach, I highly recommend Deborah Brown. Deborah has proven to be a dedicated professional who not only knows what she is talking about but also listens attentively, is enthusiastic about helping me through my journey, and shows that she genuinely cares about helping me to achieve my goals. She is a coach, counselor, psychologist, and confidante all wrapped in one. She is very patient and personable. It is obvious that she really enjoys what she does, and she is very good at it. The experience is definitely worth it, and the tools that Deborah provides can be incorporated for the rest of my life. As a result of our coaching sessions, I have put together my master plan, and am working that plan on a daily basis."  

A. Hight - Project Manager, California


"I loved having Deborah as my coach! She was compassionate and supportive even when asking tough questions that helped me challenge my assumptions and break through limiting beliefs. In our time together, I was able to shift my approach to time management and experiment with new ways to approach my day that work with my natural rhythms, not against them. I highly recommend working with Deborah if you're looking for support to make positive changes in your life." 

A. Scott - Argentina





"Before I started working with Deborah I was in a pickle. I lacked motivation and needed support and validation for the choices I was trying to make in my business and personal life. I needed someone to help me stay motivated and hold me accountable for the intentions I had set for myself. From the get go, working with Deborah was fun and light. She has an infectious laugh and sense of humor that instantly put me at ease. But it wasn’t all fun and games... Immediately, Deborah helped me clearly identify my intentions, motives and values. She is an expert listener and doesn’t miss a thing. She asked me highly-intuitive questions that made me rethink my long-standing belief systems and mindsets. Most importantly, she encouraged, supported and challenged me to stay on course. She held me accountable and held my feet to the fire to ensure that I did what I said I was going to do. Task and results-driven, she diligently worked to ensure my stated outcomes were achieved. Since working with Deborah, I’ve managed to make huge strides in the positioning of my brand. I’m on track for finishing my online course for Mindful Leaders and on track for a ridiculously happy business and life. Thanks, Deb!"  

K. LaDeroute - Trainer, North Carolina












































































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