Optimal Leap simply means "Leap To Your Best Self."

Optimal Leap Coaching is a global service where individuals learn the strategies, behavior, and mindset and gain access to the tools that will allow them to have the level of personal and professional impact they desire. It was founded for the express purpose of giving hope, support and constructive access to individuals who feel the inability to overcome the personal and professional challenges that are preventing them from pursuing or achieving their goals and becoming their best selves.



We at Optimal Leap, Inc. recognize that life can be somewhat of a rollercoaster and our goal is simply to help you enjoy the ride. We realize that personal success, results and satisfaction, to a large extent, are heavily dependent on the impact you have on the following two levels:

1) Your impact on YOU - Your level of self-confidence, self-worth, assertiveness, emotions, mindset and outlook, pursuit toward your goals, etc.

2) Your impact on YOUR IMMEDIATE ENVIRONMENT - Your level of effectiveness and the quality of your interaction with the people in your daily life and path such as friends, family, spouses, intimate partner, co-workers, boss, acquaintances, etc.

With a focus on maximizing your personal impact, we help you successfully navigate through the personal ups and downs, twists and turns, and changes and transitions in life, whether it be your personal relationships, your work life, life events (loss, divorce, employment/career transition, etc); life stages (mid-life, menopause, empty nest, etc.) or a simple desire for personal and professional growth.

At Optimal Leap Inc, we partner with our clients and support them through providing a customized path for success. Optimal Leap will help you to create the impact you want in any area of your life e.g. your personal and professional relationships, your career, your overall well-being, etc. Its objectives are achieved through training, workshops and proprietary group and private Impact Coaching programs. 



Optimal Leap Inc enjoys partnering with companies that take a genuine interest in their employees' growth and development, performance and satisfaction. One of its primary missions is improving the overall quality of life at work and inspiring effective communication and leadership in the workplace. Our "POWER DAYS" are one of the common vehicles by which we deliver on this promise in addition to classroom training.


 Are You Ready For Your OPTIMAL LEAP?




It is our belief that there are four levels of impact that we are all capable of having, as illustrated in the diagram below. The first two apply are experienced by all and are unavoidable while the last two tend to be rather fulfilling but are optional. Optimal Leap helps clients achieve the level of impact they desire.



A closer look...




Everywhere you go, there you are! This level looks at the impact you have on yourself, i.e. the impact that your behavior, thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, communication and actions have on you, how you view yourself – your level of confidence, self value and self-esteem, assertiveness, trust or self-doubt, the goals you pursue and the drive with which you pursue those goals and dreams - and respond to yourself and the world.

Challenges Addressed:

  • Self confidence and assertiveness
  • Mastering your thoughts and emotions
  • Finding your purpose
  • Living powerfully




This is the impact you have on the people in your immediate environment - the people in your life who you are coming into contact with on a frequent or somewhat frequent basis – your family, friends, intimate partner, your boss & coworkers, your church community or spiritual equivalent, your acquaintances, the people in the places you frequent – whether it is where you serve or are served. You get the point. Your tiny world. 


Challenges Addressed:

  • Lack of effectiveness in your interactions
  • Showing up authentically 
  • Powerful communication 


















This speaks to the impact you have on the people in your community – maybe you volunteer to feed the homeless, do work with the blind, orphans, senior citizens or hospitals, or participate in organized events like Habitat for Humanity.

Challenges Addressed:

  • The confidence to step out 
  • Leadership 
  • Determining the best match for you and the use of your talent




This is the impact you have on the world… states and countries outside of your own. For example, you could already be involved in drilling wells to provide clean drinking water to places like Africa or helping with funding the education of the youth in other countries, etc. Some people may never get to this level or may not even have an interest in getting to this level.

Challenges Addressed:

  • Your access to the world's stage 
  • Solidifying Your Purpose & Owning It - Becoming Unshakable 
  • Win/Win Opportunities



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