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24/7 Scheduling - We cater to all schedules and all time zones.  As a service available to all countries and people with varying work schedules, we recognize that the only way to truly serve you is to work around you.  For that reason, there is no hour for which it is unreasonable to request an appointment.

We Do Life With You -  We are invested in your success.  For the period that you have invited us into your life, you will not be alone on your transformation journey.  Contact between sessions is not only allowed but encouraged when needed.   Even when our journey has come to an end, we love nothing more than to get the surprise email or call with an update on how life is going for one of our amazing clients.

Short Notice Scheduling - Issues don't always arise according to our clock and convenience.  Sometimes a matter needs to be address sooner than later.  In these cases, ease of scheduling on short notice allows for a quicker return to peace of mind and being in control of your situation.

Journeys of Varying Lengths -  Depending on whether you are all in or you would like to sample the experience, our experiences vary from 6 weeks to a year.  We have the journey that suits where you are and what you need at the moment.

You Always Leave With More Than You May Have Bargained For - In addition to the problem you are looking to solve, you will always leave with a few additional bonuses as a result of your experience - increased self-confidence, peace of mind, and improved self-expression.










An experience leaves a profound and memorable impact on you. "The LEAP Experience" is Optimal Leap's signature program. It is a private one-on-one experience and journey that hands over the keys to the kingdom of personal and professional freedom and guides you fluidly through the obstacles that are in the way of you being the absolute BEST YOU.



“The RAPID Relationship Reset” is an experience that is designed to arm participants with the tools, strategies and mindset that allow you to rebuild the foundation of your relationship from the ground up.  It gives you the opportunity to somewhat turn back the hands of time and take the fundamental steps you missed the first time around.  It is an opportunity to make right what has previously gone wrong and move forward in a healthy and loving way.



  “Start Living POWERFULLY!” is an experience that is designed to arm participants with the tools, strategies and mindset to show up in the world more powerfully and confidently so they can make the impact they desire, both personally and professionally. Through this experience, individuals have the opportunity to look at the factors that have made them less effective and constricted in certain areas of their life and, with this awareness, discover avenues for improved self-management and increased self-confidence.




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We meet you where you are. We do best to cater to the most common needs people have.  Take the opportunity to set up your Jumpstart Session so that we can understand what your specific needs are.


  This is the appetizer to the big meal that is possible for you.  It is every bit as tasty and whets your appetite for the life of possibilities that lies ahead.  This serves as an introduction to those who may first want to dip their toe in.


  This is the typical journey for any one who is ready to truly take things to the next level in their life and are willing to give themselves time to see what the process looks like.


  This is for the person who is invested in making sound changes and is willing to give themselves the breathing room to make the changes sink in and gauge the impact on their new life.


  This is the ultimate experience of us doing life with you.  This is for the individual who is serious about having a year of major transformation whether it be in all or specific areas of their life.




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